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Learn Four Breathing Techniques To Bring You Into A Calm And Relaxed State.
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Personal Transformation Through Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Kim Silverman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Law of Attraction Coach as well as a Certified Quantum Energy Master.  

Change does not have to be hard. The belief that change is hard is just that…it’s a belief…
AND just as a belief has been learned, that same belief can be unlearned, changed and reshaped!

As you may have discovered, it is often easier to see the right path or the right answer for others, but it is often more difficult to see that for ourselves. Often our own emotions get in the way, clouding our judgement. 

The advice of friends, family, and co-workers are biased. They know YOU and will side with YOU because they care about YOU.  But that advice is not always the right answer for you.

Only YOU truly know YOU AND only YOU have the power to change YOU! 

You have all of the answers within you on how to change your beliefs, your habits, your circumstances, your feelings, and your thoughts.  My job is to help you uncover those answers from within you.

Having conducted over a hundred sessions, I have helped my clients, using coaching and hypnotherapy, to tap into their own inner wisdom, the depths of their subconscious, and their higher self to find answers.  I have helped people permanently transform their lives, never to look back again. 

Life is always about the journey and not about the prize at the end. Because when you reach “the prize”, another journey unfolds and another, and another.  The beauty of life is about enjoying the ride and being surprised and delighted to discover the treasures along the way.

About Kim

I’m Kim Silverman and I help others heal themselves and transform their lives through hypnotherapy and coaching.

I look forward to discovering what is possible for you!

Kim Silverman

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