What is Life Coaching?

Kim Silverman is a Master Law of Attraction Coach.
Life Coach
A coach is different from a counselor, psychologist, therapist and advisor.

A counselor/psychologist/therapist are generally healthcare workers or licensed professionals that are focused on diagnosing and resolving problematic behaviors, patterns, beliefs which are traumatic or self-destructive. Typically, the focus is on the past of what transpired in order to modify the future behavior.

An advisor is an expert that is hired for their specific expertise to offer answers and solutions to achieve a goal.

A certified coach is not a licensed professional or doctor and does not diagnose your illness or prescribe medications.

Instead, a coach accepts your current starting point as a perfect beginning point and helps you make positive changes from that point onward. A life coach works to enable you to take control of your life and take action to steer it toward your goal.

A coach helps you gain a perspective about yourself by drawing out the answers from within you.

While a life coach might challenge you to think differently or consider a different perspective than you would normally consider, you must decide for yourself whether to take the advice or not.

As a new client, the first session with Kim Silverman is always a coaching session. This allows you to go into a deeper understanding of the prevailing issue at hand.

Coaching sessions with Kim may also be used intermittently during long-term hypnotherapy treatments.

Coaching sessions allow you to fully express yourself in a conscious state of mind.

Goal setting and processes are often used to help you transform various areas of your life.

Coaches may provide you with tools to use on your own or between sessions to continue your transformational journey.