Master the Desire Factor Principles to Access Unlimited Abundance and Well-Being and Create Your Desires!

Kim Silverman

Everyone Has Desires. Not Everyone Knows How To Create Their Desires.


What is your heart’s desire?

Do you want to learn how to bring your desires to fruition?

There is a step-by-step process–that when done in a coaching environment turbo-charges your ability to manifest your desires.

Working with me as your certified Desire Factor Coach will help you move through each of the important and essential steps to creating your desires with ease, flow, and fun.

No matter what desire you have, whether it is to create:

  • better health & well-being
  • greater abundance
  • unlock your creativity
  • attract a partner
  • become a more patient and centered partner
  • launch your own business
  • start a family
  • or anything else you desire
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As your trained and certified Desire Factor Coach I can help you turn your desire into reality!

I offer one-on-one coaching or group coaching. The coaching is an eight-week process. You will meet with me for one hour, once a week for eight weeks, and witness yourself become more grounded, centered, peaceful, powerful, and fulfilled.

And, whether you choose individual or group coaching — each works a bit differently — one is private, and the other you benefit from a healthy group dynamic.

I will provide you with processes, tools, meditations, activities, accountability and more. In between sessions, you will have “fun” homework — tasks that you commit to doing at whatever frequency you like, that help you along the way — such as meditations, commitments to take action and other inspirations that come along.

Witness Your Desires Materialize Right Before Your Eyes!

The Desire Factor coaching experience is a comprehensive, rich “decoder ring” for learning how to manifest what you’ve been wanting. It is based on the 7 Essential Universal Laws, such as the law of attraction and the law of sufficiency and abundance.

What Is Included

8 Coaching Sessions The Desire Factor Daily process The Desire Factor Book

Choose the coaching format that is ideal for you:

Individual coaching is for you if you prefer a more intimate, one-on-one setting with me where your desires are the primary focus. For example, if:

  • You prefer a private coaching experience that addresses your questions and focuses on you for an hour per week for 8 sessions to deepen your understanding of and the application of the 7 principles
  • You desire the time to share your own personal journey in confidence with your coach
  • You appreciate the dedicated attention to you and your desires
  • You choose to invest your resources in a private session as you know that you will continue to refine your growth with your coach

Group coaching is for you if you prefer a group-oriented approach that allows you to work with your desires while also learning from others’ experiences and takeaways. For example, if:

  • You enjoy learning about yourself and you learn from others as you all grow together in your journey
  • You feel energized with the synergy and momentum that is created within a group and trust the coach and the group to hold your vision and what you share in confidence
  • You are willing to invest your time for 90 minutes a week for 8 sessions to deepen your understanding of and the application of the 7 principles
  • You choose to invest your resources in shared time with a coach and know that you will continue to refine your growth with your coach and from the inspiration from the group dynamics



2 Payment Plan Available


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Desire Factor Coaching is having me as your Certified Desire Factor Coach guide you either in a one-on-one or group experience that is personal, confidential, and sacred. It will guide you to ascend in every area of your life — helping you realize your desires. Whether that’s personal or professional, relationship, financial or well-being desires.

I want to help you go beyond the obstacles or blocks in thought, beliefs, emotions and energy so that you can be in a place you know and feel in your heart you are designed to be.

I want you to succeed and I hold that vision and more for you.

That is my mission.

  • Having a coach is a transformational process where together we come up with solutions to your obstacles that will lead you to living a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  • As your personal life coach, I will work with you as we look at your current situation and help you align with the 7 success principles for creating desires so you can live from your powerful creative aspect of yourself.
  • I will encourage you every step of the way during your journey with either our one-on-one weekly individual or group sessions (depending on what path you choose) so you can become masterful of each situation, circumstance and form in your life.
  • I will help you deepen your relationship with yourself, and get closer to your Divine Self.

My Desire Factor’s one-on-one life coaching program, and group coaching programs are designed to maximize your infinite potential and assist you to transform your life into having it all.

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